Angela Matera is an italian artist and printmaker.

Born in 1978 in Siracusa(Italy), where she lived until 18 years old, in 1996 she moved to Rome where she studied Illustration at “European Institute of Design” (IED) for 3 years. Afterwards she moved to Florence where she studied Printmaking techniques at the international school “Il Bisonte”.
In 2002 she came back to Siracusa and she opened its own Studio/Gallery “L’Arte…Per Inciso” where she until now has created, sold her work and taught printmaking technics .
In the following years she collaborated with several art collectives from the Italian scene, participated to art fairs in London, Chicago and Paris and held some solo shows with her prints and paintings in Siracusa and in Berlin.
In 2009 Angela moved to Australia where she has collaborated for 3 months with Peter Lanckaster, Liz Jeneid and Paul Bottaro in their printmakers studios. Besides, she attended many workshops and she explored new innovative techniques and a different approach with them. 
In 2010 she moved for one year to Amsterdam where she collaborated with the “AGA Grafish Atelier” holding printmaking workshops. She exhibited her prints in a collective show at ”AGA Grafish Atelier” and her paintings in a collective show at “Westergasfabriek”.
In 2012 she has worked for 3 months on her project “Salomè” (working with mixed media on canvas) at “Takt Artist Residency” in Berlin, where she made an Exhibition. She has lived in Berlin for three years producing new works and holding exhibitions.
In 2015 she lived for a while in Australia (Melbourne), making lithography with Peter Lanckaster and in Lisbon where she worked to new prints and paintings!
Currently she lives in Ortigia (Siracusa) and works at her Atelier "L'Arte...Per Inciso". She is carrying on with her project Salomè with new ideas, new techniques and new materials from her last trip to Paris and London, in order to hold new exhibitions soon!
She organize Artist Holidays with painting and printmaking workshops in her country/studio in Sicily (Villa Salomè) for the spring and autumn time.


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